Long Stories

The Giant with the Golden Hair of Knowledge

And now, for the first time at Surrey Storytellers in Ewell,

Martin will tell this rich, joyous and epic story: Friday 23rd June 2018 7.30.

A story of dangerous giants, homicidal kings, loving millers, streams that flow wine, feral thieves and a charming young man determined to fulfil a suicidal mission destined for love, death or a watery eternity.

Performed at Farnham Maltings: April 2014

Just fantastic, thank you.”

Excellent entertainment, we’ll be back for more.”

Brilliant, very entertaining and enthralling, thank you.”

Absolutely fantastic, gripping storytelling,very absorbing, thank you.”

I had no idea that adult storytelling could be such fun.”

Also given in March 1989 at the Cric Crac Club, Holland Park

The Wager

Three Heads in a Well, Ewell 2013

A young king goes in search of a wife and finds her. Bliss, until a wicked merchant tricks him into betting his wife and castle away. All is lost unless the strong, feisty and devoted queen can man-up and take the merchant on at his own game.

Also given in earlier years in Casson Room, Thorndyke Theatre, and Campus Arts Festival.

Homer’s Odyssey

One of the world’s great stories: a turbulent tale of a journey home and its awesome consequences.

Short Stories

Tales from the warm sands of the Carribean, the steamy jungles of Borneo, the icy worlds of the Inuit, the leafy glades of European woods, the endless reaches of Russian forest and much more.  Meet Baba Yaga the ghastly witch, bogles, trolls, woodmen and wacky farmers not forgetting tricksters like Uncle Bouki or the wise fools such as Mulla Nasrudin.

Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can

make the heart bigger.”  Ben Okri